Sequence2Script is a tool to assist laboratories and clinicians with translating pharmacogenomic testing results into clinically useful recommendations. The recommendations produced by this tool are based on expert guidelines developed by the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) and the Royal Dutch Association for the Advancements of Pharmacy - Pharmacogenetics Working Group (DPWG).

Genes Supported

  • ABCG2

  • CYP2B6

  • CYP2C19

  • CYP2C9

  • CYP2D6

  • CYP3A5

  • DPYD

  • F2

  • F5

  • HLA-A

  • HLA-B

  • NUDT15

  • SLCO1B1

  • TPMT

  • UGT1A1

  • VKORC1

Key Features

  • User-friendly: The Sequence2Script tool uses drop down menus and radio buttons to improve user satisfaction with the software and reduce input errors.

  • No "black box' algorithms: Recommendations are based directly on guidelines developed by international expert groups (e.g. CPIC, DPWG) and FDA drug labels.

  • Clinically relevant: The tool not only interprets gene-drug interactions but also has the capability to account for well-established drug-drug-gene interactions.

Current Version


Development Team

Dr. Chad Bousman

Tony Cheng

Ankita Narang

Ziad Al Bkhetan

Patrick Wu

Jose Nicolas Mora

Elzanne Venter

Citation Information

Bousman CA, Wu P, Aitchison KJ, Cheng T. (2021). Sequence2Script: A web-based tool for translation of pharmacogenetic data into evidence-based prescribing recommendations. Frontiers in Pharmacology.

Funding Partners