We are providing this information to primary care physicians, who might be interested in partnering with us on this proposed project. This project is currently under consideration for funding.

Project Summary

Antidepressant medications play an important role in the treatment of depression, yet the efficacy and tolerability of these medications varies from person-to-person. As such, strategies to minimize the personal, clinical and economic impact of this variability in antidepressant response are warranted. One compelling solution is to utilize an individual’s genetic information to assist with guiding drug selection and dosing. This solution, known as genotype-guided prescribing, leverages evidence generated from the fields of pharmacology and genomics and is currently being used in >40 medical centers and clinics covering North America, Europe, and Asia.

In collaboration with the Addiction and Mental Health Strategic Clinical Network, Primary Health Care Integration Network, Alberta Precision Laboratories, and AHS Clinical Pharmacology Consultation Service, we are planning a project to implement and evaluate an evidence-based genotype-guided antidepressant prescribing intervention to reduce healthcare utilization, increase symptom remission, and demonstrate cost-effectiveness among Albertans living with depression.

Planned Study Design

We are proposing a pragmatic trial among 500 individuals living with depression, who are receiving antidepressant treatment from psychiatrists and primary care physicians. Retrospective and prospective data will be collected to evaluate performance, outcome, and economic indicators related to the implementation of our solution. In addition, qualitative process and outcome data will be collected throughout the study to identify, monitor, and intervene on implementation barriers as well as to assess the patient/caregiver perspective. Aligned with previous studies, we expect implementation of this solution will reduce hospitalizations by 50%, increase symptom remission by 60% and alleviate burden on the Alberta health system.

Overview of the Proposed Genotype-Guided Prescribing Workflow

How can you help

The success of the proposed project is dependent on establishing partnerships with primary care clinics and physicians interested in trialing our proposed evidenced-based intervention to improve antidepressant treatment outcomes for patients living with depression.

Time commitment

Participation will involve a commitment of approximately 6 hours over the three-year project period.

· Training on study procedures (1 hour)

· Completion of online CME trainings on genotype-guided prescribing (~3 hours)

· Completion of brief clinical assessments of your eligible patients (2 mins per patient)

· One-on-one interview with research staff related to your experiences with genotype-guided prescribing (1 hour)

Benefits of partnering with us

· Training in an evidence-based approach for treating complex patients

· Free pharmacogenetic testing for your patients

· Physician/Clinic honorariums

If you are interested, please contact us!