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  • Liu C, Maruf AA, Bousman CA. (2020). Reporting of clozapine-induced gastrointestinal hypomotility and factors associated with fatal outcomes in Canada: A pharmacovigilance database study. Psychiatry Research.
  • Jessel C, Mostafa S, Potiriadis M, Everall IP, Gunn JM, Bousman CA. (2020). Use of antidepressants with pharmacogenetic prescribing guidelines in a 10-year depression cohort of adult primary care patients. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics
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  • Lesche D, Mostafa S, Everall I, Pantelis C, Bousman CA. (2019). Impact of CYP1A2, CYP2C19, and CYP2D6 genotype- and phenoconversion-predicted enzyme activity on clozapine exposure and symptom severity. The Pharmacogenomics Journal.
  • Bousman CA, Zierhut H, Muller D. (2019). Navigating the labyrinth of pharmacogenetic testing: A guide to test selection. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.
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  • Bousman CA. (2019). CYP2D6 testing to guide risperidone and aripiprazole therapy. The Lancet Psychiatry.
  • Fan M and Bousman CA. (2019). Commercial Pharmacogenetic Tests in Psychiatry: Do they Facilitate the Implementation of Pharmacogenetic Dosing Guidelines? Pharmacopsychiatry
  • Bousman CA, Al Maruf A, Muller D. (2019). Towards the integration of pharmacogenetics in psychiatry: A minimum, evidence-based genetic testing panel. Current Opinion in Psychiatry.
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  • Bousman CA and Dunlop BW. (2018). Genotype, phenotype, and medication recommendation agreement among commercial pharmacogenetics-based decision support tools. The Pharmacogenomics Journal, 18(5): 613-622.
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  • Bousman CA, Mueller D, Ng C, Byron K, Berk M, Singh A. (2017). Concordance between actual and pharmacogenetic predicted desvenlafaxine dose needed to achieve remission in major depressive disorder: A 10-week open-label study. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, 27(1) 1-6.
  • Bousman CA and Hopwood M. (2016). Commercial pharmacogenetic-based decision support tools in psychiatry. The Lancet Psychiatry
  • Bousman, C.A., Sarris, J., Won, ES., Chang, HS., Singh, A., Lee, HY., Ham, BJ., Tan, CH., Lee, MS., Ng, CH. (2014). Escitalopram efficacy in depression: A cross-ethnicity examination of the serotonin transporter promoter polymorphism. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 34(5): 645-8.

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